Gobble seeks constable position in 8th District

From Staff Reports

   Robert L. Gobble is seeking election to the office of constable in the 8th District.
   He has a total of approximately 16 years' police experience. Gobble worked nearly two years for Carter County Sheriff's Department and 14-1/2 years for Johnson City Police Department as a public safety officer.
   He says he is seeking the constable position because, "I would like to contribute something to the community that I live in. I like to be able to get out and check people's property and their automobiles -- look for people trying to break into homes or whatever. I just would like to kind of help protect our community," he said.
   "Our local police do a good job, but they can't do it all. A constable can't do it all; but they can fill in little gaps along the way. I might not stop anybody from breaking into your home, but if he sees me drive by there, he may have doubts about whether he's going to then, or not. But if I come back by and I find out he has broken in there, I'm going to be waiting where he went in, for him to come out."
  Gobble is a Vietnam veteran and retired after 20 years of military service before entering law enforcement. He and his wife Ester have two sons, four granddaughters and one grandson. The couple attend the First Nazarene Church in Elizabethton.
   Gobble is a lifelong resident of Carter County. "I like to tell everybody I'm a conrbread-fed, bean-fed, Carter County boy. You can't make nothing else out of me. You can take me out of the county, but you can't take the county out of me. I try to treat everybody the very best I can and I don't try to be any more than what I am."
   Besides offering protection for county residents, Gobble said he would like to see drivers take life a little slower. "Sort of like the old saying, 'Stop and smell the roses.'
   "Don't get in a big hurry; don't cause accidents. I wish people would slow down or leave a little bit early to get where they're going rather than waiting two or three minutes before time to be there and then jump in the car and do 75 to 100 mph an hour to get there. I don't like pulling people out of wrecked cars, especially little babies; and I've done my share of that."