Carroll seeks re-election as 8th District constable

From Staff Reports

   Bob Carroll, a constable in the 8th District, has announced he is seeking re-election. The 8th District encompasses Harold McCormick, Lynn Avenue, and T.A. Dugger.
   Carroll has served four terms as constable, two in District 8 and two in the Milligan/Pinecrest district.
   "I'm running for constable because I enjoy helping people. I've always attempted to try to help my neighbor and this way you do it on a large scale," he said.
   "I enjoy working with the sheriff's department, police department and highway patrol. I enjoy working with everybody that lives in the district. Most of them I know personally."
   Carroll said he will continue to patrol his district, watching over churches, businesses and schools, escorting funerals, and will be available 24 hours a day if needed.
   Two issues of particular importance to him are drugs and alcohol, he said, and he vowed to continue doing all he can to curtail it.
   "The drug issue involving children is a real thorn in my side. I'd like to see the people that are responsible taken off the street to where these school children won't be involved in it, and I will continue to enforce that law and go after those responsible strongly."
   Drinking and driving has always been a problem in Carter County and is of particular concern, he said, "because it may be my family that somebody would run over and kill. If they're out on the roads drinking and driving, they need to be stopped."
   Carroll, a bus driver in the Carter County School System, says he patrols seven days a week, usually in the evening due to his work schedule.
   "I love what I'm doing and I strive to do my best. On the back window of my car this time, I've had a sign added and it says: 'Dedicated to the service of the citizens.' That's my heartfelt thoughts in that matter."
   Carroll said he enjoys the P.O.S.T. training received at the sheriff's department and, "I would like to have four more years if people could see fit to re-elect me."