Man arrested after assaulting girlfriend, then assaults two officers

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   A county man was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer who responded to a domestic violence call to the residence the man shared with his girlfriend.
   Charles Leonard Presnell, 22, 2371 Old Elizabethton Highway, was arrested Monday afternoon by Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Keith Range and charged with assault under domestic violence, resisting arrest and two counts of assault on an officer.
   According to reports, Range and CCSD Deputy Gregg Nave responded to the residence on the Old Elizabethton Highway on a report of a domestic altercation. Presnell's girlfriend reported to officers that the two had been involved in a verbal altercation that escalated into physical assault.
   The woman sustained injuries during Presnell's assault on her including a swollen left eye, a busted lip and a contusion on her forehead.
   After speaking with both parties, Range placed Presnell under arrest and began to transport him to the Carter County Jail while Nave remained at the residence to take additional statements from the victim. "After placing handcuffs on Mr. Presnell, he became belligerent and abusive," Range said in his report on the incident. "When I tried to place Mr. Presnell into the back of the cruiser he resisted and had to be placed into the back using a moderate amount of force."
   Range said that Presnell's violent behavior continued once he was in the police cruiser and after they arrived at the jail and Presnell attempted to spit on the officer several times and threatened officers. "On the way to the jail Mr. Presnell made threats to kill (me) and (my) family when he got out of jail," Range said.
   When Range arrived at the jail with Presnell, he exited the vehicle and started to open the back door to take Mr. Presnell from the vehicle into the jail.
   "At this time Mr. Presnell kicked the door and knocked me back," Range said. "I then entered the back of the cruiser to retrieve Mr. Presnell and he again kicked me in the chest. Mr. Presnell again became combative and I had to use physical force to get Mr. Presnell into the jail."
   While he was in the jail booking area, Presnell continued to resist officers, according to Range's report. "While in the jail, Mr. Presnell continued to be combative and kicked Deputy Tom Skeans in the inner thigh of his left leg," Range said. "Mr. Presnell again made threats towards the families of Tom Skeans and myself."