Fairhaven Ministries expands to New York State

By Megan R. Harrell
Star Correspondent

   One local ministry is set to begin a daughter ministry in the northeast. Fairhaven Ministries, which has been a mainstay in the community for over 24 years, with its beautiful 100-acre home in Roan Mountain, will soon be opening the doors to a new ministry in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.
   Pastors, missionaries, bible students, and vacationers have traveled from around the world to retreat at Fairhaven. The non-denominational ministry was born out of a Minnesotan bible college professor's vision to provide support and counseling for those involved in Christian ministry.
   "He taught pastors and wanted to have a place for them to come away and get counsel," Gloria Stumbo, hostess for Fairhaven Ministries, explained.
   Fairhaven officially opened its doors to guests in January of 1980, and has since grown into a renowned haven for not only the Tri-Cities, but also guests from around the world. There are currently 15 chalets and cottages, one multipurpose center, a volunteer inn, six hookups for recreational vehicles, and four staff homes located at the property near Ripshin Lake.
   Ken and Gloria Stumbo, who came to Fairhaven in 1982, have been involved with the development of the ministry over the years. In April they will move to New York to oversee the opening of the new ministry there.
   From the very beginning, Gloria Stumbo has been able to see one common factor in the growth and development of Fairhaven Ministries.
   "We have seen God's provisions in providing this land (in Roan Mountain)," Stumbo said. "All of the buildings have been completed debt free. We did not build unless we knew that we had the money. We have seen God provide, and He does not change. We can trust Him."
   The provisions at Fairhaven have been sufficient. The ministry looks forward to approximately 2,600 guests each year.
   Stumbo stated that there has always been a concentrated effort to keep Fairhaven a quiet place for guests to come and relax. The board of directors decided two years ago that there would be no additional building done at the local property, and the search for another location began.
   The search ended last summer when the board of directors purchased 42 acres of undeveloped land in Andes, N.Y. Stumbo describes the property, which is located three hours northwest of New York City, as very similar to terrain found in northeast Tennessee.
   The Stumbos are excited about getting construction under way in New York. In its completion the daughter ministry will include 12 cottages, two staff homes and a welcome center.
   Stumbo believes that the ministry will bring as much to the community in New York as Fairhaven has brought to Carter County.
   "Our guests are an asset to the community because they attend attractions, restaurants, and shop at local stores," Stumbo said. "I think Fairhaven has established a good reputation here."
   After nearly two and a half decades of helping to establish Fairhaven's reputation, the Stumbos admit that the move north will be a bittersweet one.
   "We have grown to love the people in the area here," Stumbo said. "Our kids have grown up here, and our roots have gone down deep. If we did not know God is in control, then it would be very hard."
   Further information on Fairhaven Ministries can be obtained on the Internet at fairhaven1.com, or by telephone at (423) 772-4269.