Younce's Siding, Windows & Guttering completes first full year of business

By Greg Miller

Last year was the first full year of business for Younce's Siding, Windows & Guttering.
   "We started out just doing a little bit of remodeling or what anybody called us for, we'd go do it," said Younce. "Then we got into the vinyl siding. We started with contractors. I knew a few contractors around the area. The whole Younce family is either preachers or carpenters."
   The initial word-of-mouth advertising paid off. "Word of mouth travels a long way in this town," Younce said. "I have a very good reputation. A reputation means everything to me."
   The guttering aspect of the business "took off very well," said Younce. "We started from ground zero. I had an old truck and hardly any tools. We had good success our first year of business. It was tremendous."
   Younce says he wants to purchase another guttering business and a bigger commercial guttering machine. He also wants to expand the business to include room additions. "I have built a couple of homes in the last four or five years," he said. "My slogan is 'One call will do it all.'"
   "We install new vinyl siding, new windows, and we do some roofing," said Younce.
   The first step in installing vinyl siding "is to go in and look at the house and see if it needs fanfold insulation boards. We don't usually use that unless it's a type of siding that has a rough exterior finish on it. We go in and prep everything out and get it ready." From start to finish, about two days are required to complete a home vinyl siding project. About 100 colors are available, and the customer receives a lifetime guarantee.
   Younce and his crew install vinyl siding on an average of two homes each week. "We start a job and we finish a job before we go to another one," he said. "We don't ever leave anybody hanging with half their house done."
   When a job calls for the installation of siding, windows, guttering and overhangs, "We start at the bottom and go up. I have five guys working for me that's been doing this ever since I started the business. A lot of them are guys that's been in the business for 20 years... It's a process where we go in and in two days you've got a new home, it looks like a new home anyway.
   "We have several different lines of guttering, soffets, and sidings. It's just whatever the people want."
   The home improvements, Younce says, "can make the value of your home go up 20-30 percent just by adding new windows, siding and guttering..."
   Once the work has been completed, little maintenance is required, according to Younce. "There's no more painting," he said. "That's the good thing. That makes everybody happy. They just have to maybe wash it down once a year, a little bit of soap and water, and it's clean. That's all the upkeep there is to it. Of course, you have to keep your gutters cleaned out, unless you want to put a gutter guard on it..."
   Customers don't need to make any special preparations prior to the beginning of the work. "I take care of the building permits and everything on the job," he said. "All they do is call me, and I give free estimates. We just sit down with the customer and let them know everything that we're getting ready to do, what we're going to do, and the estimated time of completion."
   "We just started the guttering business about a month and a half ago, and it's doing fairly well.
   "I give a one-year warranty on my labor and a lifetime warranty on all my material," Younce said. "We try to give the people that deal with us what they pay for."
   Younce plans to expand the business in the near future. "Within the next couple of months, I'm looking to hire five to six more people," he said. "My business right now is booming. Right now, I've probably got 30 jobs to do. I stay busy year-round."
   Younce's Siding, Windows & Guttering is located at 173 Lacy Hollow Road. The business is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. For more information, call 542-5458 or 335-4284 or e-mail