United Way closes campaign

By Rozella Hardin

   The Elizabethton-Carter County United Way has closed its 2004 campaign, having received only 71 percent of its $183,000 goal. However, UW Executive Director Brenda Wallace said some funds will continue to trickle in as a result of designated pledges to the local UW from persons who give through United Ways in other cities and states.
   For example, the 2003 campaign account shows a total of $10,131.82 which was received after allocations were made to various United Way agencies. The board will consult United Way auditors on how to disperse the funds. There was some question as to whether the funds should be added to 2003 allocations or dispersed this year.
   The treasurer's report by Loretta Pierce showed that $130,043.72 had been pledged for 2004, with a total of $49,267.25 received in actual donations. "As of today, we have received 38 percent of the amount pledged," said Wallace.
   The United Way has a total of $29,910.34 in savings at Citizens Bank and $50,413.22 in savings at Carter County Bank.
   Wallace said that United Way agencies are currently receiving 30 percent of their allocations due to the goal not being met. "We have funds to appropriate allocations for 5-1/2 months. We try to keep three months of allocations on hand in case something should happen," Wallace said, "such as our closing the doors. If that should happen, then agencies would still be funded for three months, giving them time to make arrangements to make up for budget losses."
   In other business, the board approved the United Way Membership Certification application, which includes a number of requirements set by the national United Way organization. Among the requirements are local board-approved fund allocations and distributions, a local audit of UW funds, and the membership, including at least two members, who are employed at financial institutions.
   Kelly Geagley was elected president of the board for 2004. Roberta Hardin was elected first vice president and Richard Tester second vice president. A roster of board members will be presented at the April meeting, along with a 2004 allocations committee.
   It was suggested that the 2005 kickoff be held in August at one of the final Twins home games this season. "There are some great opportunities there," said Mike Mains, City Parks and Rec Director. "The pre-game activities on the field would be the kickoff," he said.
   Kickoff plans and a campaign chairman will be presented at the April meeting.