XTN Xpress launched, Internet speed soars

Internet speeds have jumped up to 500 percent, with XTN Xpress, a Web accelerator launched by XTN in the Elizabethton and Mountain City areas.
   XTN Xpress works with regular dial-up Internet connections to speed Internet browsing by up to five times at no additional cost to XTN subscribers, according to Duane Uhls, chief operating officer.
   Unlike more costly and limited-availability broadband solutions, XTN Internet and XTN Xpress are available anywhere there is a telephone line, require no new hardware and are easy to install. The subscriber may download the accelerator with just a few clicks on his or her computer.
   The company first offered XTN Xpress last month in Carter, Johnson, Unicoi and surrounding counties following several months of development and testing. Uhls said customer response has been very favorable.
   "Many people want to surf the Web more quickly, but they can't get or don't want higher priced broadboard," he said. "With XTN Xpress, we provide an exceptional high speed, low cost alternative."
   XTN Xpress was developed in partnership with Propel Software Corp. Propel Software is based in Silicon Valley in California and is the world's leading innovator in Web accelerator, a news release states.
   XTN Xpress works by compressing the size of Web files, reusing previously viewed elements from Web pages and eliminating optional content, such as pop-up ads and other online ads.
   With XTN's ad blocking, subscribers will hear a tone or see an icon each time a pop-up has been stopped, and they will see gray boxes in place of in-page advertisements. Users may turn ad blocking on or off at any time.
   "Simply put, XTN Xpress saves time," Uhls said. "With regular dial-up, a page might take 15 seconds to load. With XTN Xpress, the same page can often be viewed in four seconds or less."
   XTN Xpress speeds up all text, most graphics and photos, browser-based e-mail, all e-mail with pictures, MP3 files and executables. XTN Xpress runs on most Windows-based PCs with Windows 98 or above and on virtually all PCs purchased in the last four years.
   The news release states, "Founded in 1994, XTN has nearly 11,000 customers in a 12-county region and is the area's largest locally owned and operated Internet provider. XTN offers around-the-clock customer service and free XTN e-mail filtering, which blocks e-mail viruses and junk messages.
   The firm also delivers e-commerce solutions, business and residential long distance, DSL and business telephone services.
   For more information, call 547-0222, visit 827 Broad Street in Elizabethton or log onto the Web site, www.xtn.net.