City warns of scam

From Staff Reports

   The City of Elizabethton is warning city water customers not to give out any personal information to callers identifying themselves as representatives of the city's water department.
   Teresa Nidiffer of the Water Department said the city was not currently conducting any telephone survey. She said the department had received telephone calls from about six people telling them they had been contacted by a person identifying himself as a water department employee who was conducting the survey about water samples at their residences.
   "They are asking them personal information, does their water taste bad, their income, which we would have never have done," said Nidiffer. "Some elderly residents have been really concerned with it."
   Nidiffer said complainants told city employees that the caller identified himself as a city representative conducting a survey on water quality in their homes. She said callers to the department said the survey asked them a series of personal questions regarding the number of persons living in the home, the annual household income, and the number of children residing in the home.
   City residents reported the calls started two weeks ago, Nidiffer added. She said the department conducted a legitimate survey several years ago but had not done any type for direct customer contact in the last couple of years.