Public hearing on grant today

By Lesley Jenkins
star staff

A public hearing is scheduled for 11 a.m. today for citizens to discuss community needs for a Community Development Block Grant.
   Carter County and the city of Elizabethton are considering submitting a 2004 CDBG application to fund community needs. The application will be sent to the state's Department of Economic Development.
   County Mayor Dale Fair did not have immediately available on Wednesday information on how much money the grant would provide the county. He did say the public hearing is another necessary step towards applying for a grant.
   The meeting will be held at the Carter County Courthouse.
   According to the First Tennessee Development District, county residents will have the opportunity to comment on potential projects.
   It is expected that some members of the community may speak out about the need for a reliable water supply system for Little Milligan, Poga, Elk Mills, and Fish Springs.
   Bill Finney, in favor of the Little Milligan water project, said he believes the grant would be a good opportunity to help get reliable water into the area, but also confirmed the grant will help on a county-wide basis.
   FTDD Representative, Vernon Kirk, told residents of the area in August 2003 the total cost of the water project is estimated at $3.35 million -- a staggering amount of money for a small mountain community. However, funding available and the group hopes to take full advantage of it and possibly run lines from Carderview Utility District in Butler within two years.
   The city also held a public hearing on the CDBG application on March 2.