Man charged after shots fired

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   A Poga man was arrested Monday evening after he reportedly fired shots at two people who live near him.
   Ralph Christopher Gentry, 33, 369 Dye Leaf Rd., was arrested by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Eric Buck and charged with aggravated assault.
   According to reports, officers were called just before 6:30 p.m. Monday to 328 Dye Leaf Rd. about shots being fired. Buck and Tennessee Constable Harvey Shaffer responded to the scene.
   "We spoke with Alicia Singleton and Jeff Johnson who advised that they were standing in the yard at 328 Dye Leaf Rd. when Ralph Gentry came down the road in a red pickup truck and fired one shot at them. They then advised that the truck turned around at J.D. Guinn Lane, came back by and fired three more shots at their direction," Buck said in his police report.
   When the car passed by them the second time, Singleton and Johnson saw a male passenger in the vehicle and identified him to officers.
   "They also advised me that a few minutes later the same two people came back by the residence in a white Subaru," Buck said.
   Police went to Gentry's residence on Dye Leaf Road. "As I pulled in the driveway a white Subaru pulled in behind me," Buck said.
   The driver of the Subaru was Gentry and the male passenger was identified as the same man Singleton and Johnson reported seeing.
   Gentry and the passenger told police they were returning from a trip to the store.
   "After getting consent to search the Subaru from (Gentry), I found a .22-caliber Heritage revolver pistol, six shot, under the driver's side seat that was loaded," Buck said. "Only one of the shells in the weapon had been fired."
   Statements from Singleton and Johnson and the discovery of the revolver with the spent shell casing in Gentry's car led to Gentry's arrest. The passenger in Gentry's vehicle was not charged in connection with the incident.
   Gentry is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on March 15.