Woman arrested, charged with possession of narcotics, paraphernalia after traffic stop

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

Police arrested a 39-year-old woman Monday after narcotics were discovered in her vehicle following a routine traffic stop.
   Judy M. Davis, 1003 Johnson Ave., was arrested around 5:30 p.m. Monday by Elizabethton Police Department PTL Michael Sproviero and charged with possession of Schedule II narcotics, possession of Schedule VI narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia.
   According to reports, Sproviero observed a blue Oldsmobile traveling east on G Street with what appeared to be a temporary vehicle registration tag in the back window. The tag had fallen down in such a manner that the expiration date was not visible. The officer then noticed that the two female subjects in the front seat were not wearing their safety belts and began to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle in the 200 block of Watauga Avenue.
   The driver of the vehicle was identified as Davis. According to the report, Davis advised that she was the owner of the vehicle and gave Sproviero permission to search the vehicle.
   At that time, Sproviero requested that a K-9 unit be called to the scene to aid in the search of the vehicle. Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Sarah Ryan along with K-9 Sgt. Kabor responded to the scene. "Upon her arrival K-9 Sgt. Kabor conducted a search of the vehicle and made a positive alert," Sproviero states in his report.
   Officers then began to conduct a search of the vehicle and located a plastic bag which contained a sweater. Hidden inside the sweater, officers located a plastic bag containing two spoons and a white crystal-like substance. Also found were a spoon, a syringe and white substance wrapped in aluminum foil and another aluminum foil wrapped package containing four syringes and a straw.
   At that time, officers read Davis her Miranda rights and asked her about the items that were found. According to reports, Davis stated that the items were hers.
   A further search of the vehicle was conducted and officers located a glass pipe and a black case containing a straw and a cleaning rod next to the passenger's seat. Two "marijuana roaches" were also found in the vehicle's ashtray. According to the report, Davis advised officers that those items belonged to her as well. At that time, she was taken into custody on narcotics charges.