Man charged for narcotics possession, assault

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   A 31-year-old man was arrested Friday night and charged with several offenses, including assault on an officer and possession of narcotics, following a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 19E South.
   Robert Gary Dinkins, 336 Main St., Bluff City, was pulled over by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Sarah Ryan after she observed the motorcycle he was riding weaving across the highway.
   According to reports, Ryan detected an odor of marijuana on Dinkins. Ryan asked Dinkins if he had any illegal narcotics, and he responded no and gave consent for her to search his vehicle and his person.
   Ryan states in her report that as she began to "pat down" Dinkins "he became increasingly nervous and agitated and began to grab the red bag he had on his person when he was stopped that was now lying on the hood of (Ryan's) patrol vehicle." Ryan stopped Dinkins from grabbing the bag and as she did so, noticed him trying to conceal or retrieve something from his coat pocket.
   Ryan ordered Dinkins to stop, and, instead, he reached toward his back, continuing to resist her directions and struggle against her. He then attempted to grab Ryan by her upper torso and yelled, "Just hug me! Just hug me!" at her, according to the report.
   Ryan tried to place Dinkins in handcuffs, but he struggled against her, and the handcuffs were lost in the scuffle. He continued to resist arrest, but Ryan was able to take him into custody using a second pair of handcuffs.
   During the struggle, Ryan said she saw Dinkins toss something to the ground, according to the report. The item turned out to be a bag containing approximately 14.8 grams of a leafy green substance believed to be marijuana. Inside the bag was a second bag which contained eight white pills identified as Xanax.
   According to the report, Dinkins at first denied that the bags were his but then asked Ryan to "show mercy ... and throw it away."
   He was taken into custody and charged with assault on an officer, resisting arrest, possession of Schedule VI narcotics, possession of Schedule IV narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court today.