Sports Dirt Shirts: The art of making sportswear personal

By Julie Fann
star staff

J.D. Livingston III, owner and originator of the online company Sports Dirt Shirts, has taken the idea of getting a souvenir T-shirt at a ballgame or NASCAR race to its logical conclusion -- integrating part of the field itself into the shirt.
   Livingston takes actual dirt from the track or field of teams and venues and, through his own secret dying process, colors T-shirts, mock turtlenecks and polos. The end result is that fans who wear the shirts carry a physical part of the field/venue with them.
   "Our product extends beyond mere commercial value to give fans apparel that has a more personal meaning associated with our ideals concerning the sense of community that sports provide," Livingston said. "Sports have intense meaning for fans. Our shirts cater to that intensity."
   In operation for just over a year, Sports Dirt Shirts has served customers such as Bristol Motor Speedway, the dirt track at Lowe's Motor Speedway and the American Tractor-Pull Association. Livingston said he is currently awaiting word from officials at Wrigley field concerning a contract, as well as Little League World Series officials.
   Sports Dirt Shirts also feature designs or wording customers want, as well as the Sports Dirt Shirt logo, which Livingston said he and his brother-in-law, Chris Moates, designed spontaneously.
   "We went out to eat and had a few drinks, and the creative juices just started flowing," said Livingston.
   Sports Dirt Shirts will also be sponsoring a car driven by Dale Ball at the dirt track on Highway I-81. Ball mainly races at the Volunteer Motor Speedway.
   "We'll have shirts for sale in his pit," Livingston said.
   For more information on pricing and other options, visit Sports Dirt Shirts at