Area business provides variety of Spanish/English translation services

By Julie Fann
star staff

The need for Spanish translation services in the southeastern United States has grown tremendously during the past decade and is expected to continue to grow. John Arredondo and Associates is a Johnson City-based business offering a variety of translation services for companies and individuals.
   "If you look at the work force just in North Carolina, there was a 400 percent increase in the Hispanic population just last year alone. In Dalton, Ga., the population is such that the carpet industry donated a million dollars to the Catholic Church to build soccer fields," said John Arredondo, owner.
   Arredondo and Associates offer translation services for a variety of situations, from assisting an attorney who represents a Spanish-speaking client in the courtroom to translating training seminars for Spanish-speaking employees.
   "There's a great need for it right now, especially in the medical and educational fields, and it is going to be growing even more. The dominant need is the need to understand the cultural dynamics that generate response from Spanish-speaking people, so we offer cultural training also," Arredondo said.
   Arredondo holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in social work. He also has performed advanced work in organizational development. A native of Austin, Texas, he is the son of Spanish-speaking parents, and his grandparents were born and lived in Mexico.
   "I always spoke Spanish at home when I was growing up, but when I entered kindergarten, of course, I had to learn English," said Arredondo.
   Arredondo and Associates has been open since 2000, and John Arredondo has a home office and has contracted six to eight people to work for him.
   For more information, John Arredondo and Associates can be reached at 283-9060 or on the Web at