Investigators ID body of woman found at Blue Hole

From Staff Reports

   Investigators have identified the body of a woman found near the Blue Hole recreation area in the Stoney Creek community nearly a week ago.
   Tara Michelle Abbot, 33, of Johnson City, was discovered in a stream at the recreation area Friday afternoon by a Kingsport man and his two sons who had been riding dirt bikes in the area.
   Currently, the woman's name is the only information that is being released. "All I can say about the rest of it is that it's still under investigation," said Carter County Sheriff John Henson. "I can't comment about the cause of death at this time because all is still being investigated."
   Investigators are treating the case like a homicide. There were no open wounds on Abbot's body that would indicate a gunshot or a stabbing, and there were no trauma wounds to the head, Henson had said previously, adding that he feels that if the woman died from natural causes, someone wouldn't have dumped the body.
   According to Henson, investigators have been able to determine that the woman was not killed in the woods where she was found. "In my opinion, the body had washed downstream in the heavy rains we had a couple of weeks ago," Henson said. "I estimate the body had been there (in the forest) well over a month. We do know that she was hauled out there and dumped and that shows something is wrong."