Police arrested man after six hour standoff

By Abby Morris

Star Staff

   Officers from the Elizabethton Police Department took a 48-year-old man into custody after a standoff with police that lasted for nearly six hours and began Friday night.
   Sammy Ray Stout, 1811 Field Road, Apt. 1, was arrested early Saturday morning and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of vandalism after officers had to force entry into his residence.
   According to reports, officers were dispatched to the area at approximately 9:30 p.m. Friday to respond to a call about an armed subject threatening a neighbor.
   Officers on the scene spoke to Brian Taylor, 1809 Field Road, Apt. 1, who told them he had been in Stout's residence when Stout accused him of stealing one of his firearms. Taylor advised officers that Stout "became enraged and began to physically assault him" according to a report written by EPD PTL Michael McIntosh.
   Taylor then reported that he ran from Stout's apartment into his own. Stout followed him and proceeded to break a window in Taylor's apartment.
   Another neighbor, Daniel Cornett, reported to police that while he was in his apartment, he heard a noise outside and, when he went to investigate, he saw Stout standing outside Taylor's apartment holding a shotgun.
   "Mr. Cornett stated that Mr. Stout then aimed the gun at him in a threatening manner," the report states.
   Officers observed a white male subject running into Stout's apartment when they arrived, according to the report. After speaking with witnesses, officers had 911 dispatch contact Stout and ask him to step outside, to which Stout reportedly responded that he would not come out without a warrant.
   Officer McIntosh then obtained arrest warrants charging Stout with two counts of aggravated assault. After being informed that officers had a warrant for his arrest, Stout still refused to exit his residence, according to the report.
   After approximately an hour and a half at the scene, the Elizabethton Fire Department was called and the EPD Special Response Team activated.
   Negotiations with Stout began by telephone and, according to reports, continued for several hours. "Negotiations appeared to be working, and a third party intermediary was identified and called to the scene," the report states.
   However, once the third party intermediary arrived, the officer attempted to contact Stout again but could not get him to answer the phone. Both the officer and the intermediary attempted to contact Stout several times but received no answer.
   "After all negotiations, efforts were exhausted. The SRT Team made entry into the apartment at approximately 3:10 a.m. A battering ram and a flash bang were used," the report states.
   Stout was found unconscious in the living room and taken into custody. He was treated for a laceration to his hand which he received when he reportedly broke the window of Taylor's apartment.
   Officers found a loaded 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun in Stout's residence. After being taken into custody, Officer McIntosh secured a second warrant charging Stout with vandalism in the breaking of Taylor's apartment window. He served Stout with that warrant at the Carter County Jail.
   Stout is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Friday.