FBI evidence response training to be held at UT

From Staff Reports

   The FBI and the University of Tennessee will host a Forensic/Anthropology/Pathology Recovery School for FBI Evidence Response Team (ERT) members from around the country beginning March 17.
   The four-day training session will be held at the University of Tennessee Hospital and will be attended by ERT members from 30 field divisions of the FBI.
   Each of the 56 divisions of the FBI has its own Evidence Response Team whose mission is to recover physical evidence during investigations, often expanding into areas of forensic science.
   FBI Evidence Response Teams played an integral part in the investigations of the Oklahoma City bombing, the TWA Flight 800 incident, the embassy bombings in Africa, the attack of the USS Cole, the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and Space Shuttle "Colombia" recovery efforts.
   This is the fourth year the FBI has sought UT's cooperation for the training school due to the university's outstanding reputation, experience and leadership role in the field of forensic anthropology and pathology, according to R. Joe Clark, special agent in charge of the Knoxville Division, and Dr. Richard Jantz, director of the University of Tennessee Forensic Anthropology Research Center.
   Instruction will be provided by UT's Anthropology Department and leading forensic anthropologists and pathologists from around the country.
   The purpose of the course is to broaden ERT members' skills and knowledge regarding procedures for human remains recovery and the physical processes that occur to human remains post mortem. The school will include classroom instruction, laboratory exercises, and field exercises at the University's Outdoor Research Laboratory.