Financial Responsibility Law

An amendment to Tennessee's Financial Responsibility Law, which took effect Jan. 1, required law enforcement officers to request proof of insurance upon being stopped for a traffic violation or in the case of an automobile accident.
   The driver must carry inside the vehicle documentation such as an insurance card, binder or declaration page of a policy from an insurance company authorized to do business in Tennessee, stating:
   * That a policy of insurance meeting the requirements of the Tennessee Financial Responsibility Law of 1977 has been issued; or
   * A certificate from the Department of Safety noting that a cash deposit or bond has been posted in the amount required by the Tennessee Financial Responsibility Law of 1977; or
   * That a person has qualified as a self-insurer under Section 55-12-111, or the motor vehicle being operated at the time of the violation was owned by a carrier subject to the jurisdiction of the Department of Safety or the Interstate Commerce Commission, or was owned by the United States, this state or any political subdivision thereof, and that such motor vehicle was being operated with the owner's consent.
   * * *
   A conviction for failure to provide evidence of financial responsibility is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $100.. Also, once the state is notified of a conviction, the state will suspend the violator's driver's license.