Star Building Systems one of Elizabethton's industry strongholds

By Megan R. Harrell
Star Staff

Star Building Systems began construction on their offices in Elizabethton in January of 1999. The manufacturing plant is one of three located around the country with headquarters in Oklahoma City, Okla. Elizabethton provided Star Building Systems with a much needed manufacturing site in the east.
   The Star Building Systems plant in Elizabethton manufactures 40 foot steel sheets for commercial building frames. Its building materials include roofing and walls that range in diversity from glass to metal panels. Independent building contractors are responsible for the actual erection of Star buildings. The independent contractors have to be certified by Star Building Systems before they begin erecting the company's buildings.
   The Frank Shaffer Publications building, Hwy. 91, and one of the hangars at Elizabethton Municipal Airport, Hwy. 91, are Star manufactured buildings. Although they serve many local companies, Star Building Systems ships manufactured materials to locations up and down the east coast. "We ship materials anywhere from the tip of Maine to the tip of Florida and everywhere in between," said Human Resource Manager Evone Pass.
   Star Building Systems employs over 115 workers. Approximately 65 percent of its workforce are welders while machine operators, shippers and a clerical staff make up the rest of the staff. Those interested in a new occupation may want to look to Star Building Systems as new jobs will be opening up this spring.
   Mark Fritz came on board as Star Building System's new plant manager in September of 2001. He came to the company with more than 20 years of experience in the field. "He has made a lot of changes in techniques and production standards that have helped the way we do things, our productivity and quality," Pass said.
   Pass also attributed some of the manufacturer's success to the quality employees it draws from Carter and surrounding counties. She stated that her employees have a tremendous work ethic.