Residents asked to participate in survey

By Bob Robinson
star staff

   A survey of park and recreational facilities in the city is under way to determine needed improvements.
   Survey results will be used to develop a Comprehensive Recreational Facilities Plan for the City of Elizabethton, according to David Ornduff, director of planning and development.
   Among survey questions:
   1. Over the past year, have you or members of your household participated in locally sponsored recreation programs? Yes No.
   2. Which of the following programs do you feel should be expanded? Circle those if the answer is yes.
   Cultural Arts, Crafts, Social Functions, Special Events, Exercise/Fitness Programs, Programs for Teens, Programs for Senior Citizens, Programs for Special Populations, Existing Programs are Okay, Sports Programs, Family Activities, Other, Explain.
   3. Listed below are the recreational facilities/parks provided in the City of Elizabethton. Please indicate if you or members of your household utilized these facilities during the past year. Circle to indicate often, underline to indicate seldom, leave blank if never.
   Joe O'Brien Field, Girl's Softball Field, Twins Park Tee-Ball Field, Men's Softball Field, National Little League Field, National Girl's Softball Field, American Little League Field, Kiwanis Soccer Field, Babe Ruth Field at EHS, Kiwanis Park, Douglas Park, Harmon Park, Cat Island Park, Lions Field Park, Riverside Park, Linear Walking/Bicycle Path.
   4. Please circle each of the facilities you feel should be expanded or developed over the next few years as part of the city's local recreation program.
   Baseball/Softball Fields, Tennis Courts, Soccer/Football Fields, Fitness Courses/Trails, Picnic Facilities, Neighborhood Playgrounds, Outdoor Community Swimming Pools, Restrooms, Indoor Sports Facilities, Museums, Arts Facilities, Skateboard Facilities, Senior Centers, Teen Centers, Natural Areas, Golf Course, Bowling Center, Performing Arts Theater, Other, specify. Please list the top three in priority.
   List name, address, and zip code of person completing the survey above. Clip and mail to David R. Ornduff, Director, Planning and Development, City of Elizabethton, City Hall, 136 S. Sycamore St., Elizabethton, TN 37643, telephone 423-542-1502.