Carter County leadership meets with state lawmakers

By Megan R. Harrell
Star Staff

The Elizabethton and Carter County Class of 2002 Leadership met with state policy makers yesterday, and discussed the construction and improvement of local roads. The leadership group traveled to Capitol Hill to see the General Assembly in action and had the opportunity to meet with Gov. Don Sundquist, a number of state commissioners, and State Rep. Ralph Cole (R-Elizabethton).
   During a meeting with the Transportation Commissioner Bruce Saltsman, the leadership group learned that the department has approved the widening of Lynn Avenue to five lanes from Broad Street to the Northern Connector. The state will be funding the widening of this street. The city of Elizabethton will be paying for the widening of Elk Avenue to Broad Street, while state engineers will design the project.
   The Federal Bridge Replacement Program will fund the construction of a new Bristol Bridge that is scheduled to be completed by 2004. Rep. Cole stated that he was pleased to see the road projects he has been working to get under way be approved. "These road projects are very important to our county," Rep. Cole said. "I am pleased that they have been funded."
   Rep. Cole helped to host the meetings between the local leadership group and state lawmakers. The group was able to meet with the Deputy Governor, Deputy Commissioner of Education, Commissioner of Transportation and the Commissioner of Finance and Administration.
   "I am very pleased that our group was able to meet with the key leaders in Tennessee and with the quality of the discussions that were held," Rep. Cole said.