Bomb threats disrupt school; four charged

From Staff Reports

   Two bomb threats found last week at Bluff City Middle School disrupted school Thursday and Friday and led to the suspension of four students.
   According to Bluff City Police Chief Ken Potter, a handwritten note indicating the school would be blown up was found in the hallway of the school at 9:47 a.m. Thursday. Bluff City Police and Sullivan County Sheriff's Office deputies responded. A sweep of the school did not reveal any bomb, however, classes were disrupted from early morning until 2:20 p.m.
   Handwriting comparisons helped officers locate the individuals responsible. Two 12-year-old female students admitted writing the note and a third admitted to placing it in the hallway. Chief Potter said juvenile referrals were filed against the students.
   At 1:30 p.m. Friday another note containing a threat was located in the restroom. School was disrupted for more than two hours while the building was cleared.
   Bluff City and Sullivan County officers responded and determined that an 11-year-old male was responsible. During an interview he admitted writing the note. A juvenile referral also was filed against the 11-year-old.
   "These students certainly need to be dealt with for the problems they have caused," Chief Potter said. "They are going to learn these are serious offenses."
   Potter said the school acted quickly to suspend the four students and the two incidents were not related. Two other bomb threat notes found at the school after the incidents are still under investigation.