Mattioli candidate for state Senate

By Megan R. Harrell

Star Staff

Charles Mattioli announced his candidacy for state Senate on March 6 at the Culp University Center. Mattioli is running as an Independent because he wants to break down party barriers in order to solve Tennessee's problems.
   Washington and Carter counties can expect Mattioli to seek tax reform if elected to office. He would like to find a more adequate tax base that would disperse the tax burden more evenly across the state. He expects his plan will put revenues in a place where they are needed in order for the state to recover economically.
   Mattioli, who is a retired educator of 30 years, will look for education reform as well. He noted Tennessee's education problems but believes they are the result of revenue complications, not spending. "We receive low marks on the adequacy and equity of resources we provide our children. It's our report card, not our children's, and it is one we should not feel proud of," Mattioli said.
   Health care is another area that concerns Mattioli. Although Mattioli does not believe TennCare is the sole reason for all of Tennessee's economic problems, he does see some room for improvement. "Some politicians use TennCare as a scapegoat for all our budget problems but they do not mention that two-thirds of the TennCare dollars come from the federal government," Mattioli said. "We need TennCare but it does need reform to make it fairer, more cost effective and efficient."
   Environmental problems and park closings will be addressed by Mattioli if he takes a seat in the state Senate. He noted the area's high risk for lung problems because of the coal plants to the west of the region. Mattioli also stated that he would like to see urban sprawl contained and litter problems solved.