City woman reports kidnapping, rape

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   A 21-year-old Elizabethton woman told police that in the early morning hours on Sunday she was abducted and raped by a man who said he was a law enforcement officer.
   According to police reports, the woman told officers that shortly before 2 a.m. on Sunday, she was walking along Cedar Avenue when a man with "short spiked hair and a mustache, wearing a light brown jacket, blue jeans, and possibly wearing cowboy boots" approached her.
   The man identified himself as an officer with the Carter County Sheriff's Department, according to Elizabethton Police Department Chief Roger Deal. "He began asking her questions about her name, age and where she was going," Deal said.
   According to police, the victim said the man told her she was under arrest for an auto burglary that occurred in the neighborhood, then he put handcuffs on her and walked her to his car, which was parked nearby on Summit Avenue.
   "She reports being taken to an area she believes was the city police department's pistol range," Deal said.
   After driving to that location, the woman said the man got her out of the car and the two walked for a few minutes to a clearing in a wooded area. She said that, once they reached the clearing, the man raped her.
   "... After the rape he took the handcuffs off and left," the police report said. The woman then walked to a home on Southside Road where she knew the residents and called police.
   According to EPD Capt. Mike Peters of the Criminal Investigations Division, the woman gave a detailed description of the car the man was driving.
   Peters also said that investigators are considering the possibility that the abduction may be linked to the disappearance of another city woman on Sunday night. "Right now we don't know whether they are related or not," Peters said. "We've got some leads we are checking out on both of them."