Carter County Concerned Citizens holds second meeting

By Lesley Jenkins
Star Staff

   The newly formed and chartered Concerned Citizens of Carter County held its second meeting Monday evening to inform new members of their purpose and to address various issues.
   President Lawrence "Larry" Meggs told the audience of nearly 100 that the group was formed to establish an organization where citizens can address problems they believe exist within county government concerning issues like waste water, zoning, and related topics. Meggs said concerns would be brought before the proper organization and "provide a means of communication for everyone."
   The organization was initially formed by those opposed to county-wide zoning, which passed Oct. 20, 2003. Meggs hopes the group will be able to get the Carter County Commission to vote on the topic again due to an alleged violation of the Sunshine Law.
   Meggs alleges the Planning Commission did not give adequate public notice of the meeting when county-wide zoning was placed on the agenda and recommended to the county commission for approval.
   Megg also claims all decisions made during the meeting are considered "null and void" and the issue should be reconsidered by the county commission and another vote taken.
   Members were encouraged to attend the next commission meeting on Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. Meggs plans to address the commission with his allegations and also hopes that if zoning is voted upon again, commissioners will attempt to place the item as a referendum, which could only be a non-binding vote, according to County Attorney George Dugger.
   "It is not a dead issue, unless you roll over and die," Meggs told members. "If we stick together, if nothing else we will get it put on a referendum and let the people vote on it. If they (commissioners) would have done it before, we wouldn't be here tonight."
   Meggs encouraged residents to contact the commissioners in their district to express their opinions about issues.