Concerned Citizens of Carter County holds first board meeting

From Staff Reports

   The Concerned Citizens of Carter County held their inaugural Board of Directors meeting on Jan. 31. The Concerned Citizens of Carter County is now a chartered nonprofit public benefit corporation under the laws of Tennessee, having received their charter certificate from the Secretary of State last week.
   "The chartered organization has been formed as a result of, and at the behest of, the large number of Carter County citizens who have come together and met numerous times over the past several months seeking a solution to the zoning actions taken recently by the Carter County Commissioners," said President Larry Meggs.
   "The organization has been formed to ensure good governance for the community and to provide an organization for citizen membership, which will provide a unified voice to bring issues and topics of importance to the governing bodies in the community," said Meggs.
   Membership in the organization is open to all citizens of Carter County with the only provision that they be a registered voter. Anyone who wishes to become a member who is not a registered voter will be assisted in registering to vote. The organization is and will always remain nonpartisan in order to maintain non-profit, tax exempt status.
   In order for the organization to be responsive to all citizens throughout Carter County and to provide everyone immediate access and telephone communication, each election district has a District Director and two District Representatives who live in that district available for them to contact.
   "The citizens of Carter County can be confident that their voice will be heard and that the zoning issue is an active concern of the organization and is still being pursued," said Meggs.
   There are, however, other issues and topics, such as garbage fees in Roan Mountain and the effect the Watauga River Regional Water Authority will have in the Poga and Elk Mills area.
   A general meeting of the Concerned Citizens of Carter County will be held on Monday, Feb. 16, at 7 p.m. at Hampton High School. All of the concerned citizens who attended the previous meetings need to attend to obtain their membership cards. This is a public meeting open to all citizens of Carter County.