Board OK's new chiller units at EHS

By Thomas Wilson


   The Elizabethton Board of Education voted unanimously to spend $300,000 to replace two water chilling units at Elizabethton High School as the latest step in overhauling the schools HVAC (Heating Vacuum and Air Conditioning) system.
   "We are seeing at least a 25-to-30-year life span for these units," Jeff Lyons with Johnson Controls, Inc. told the board at Thursday night's meeting. The existing water chiller units are approximately 30 years old and were installed when the high school was originally constructed.
   Lyons said delivery of the chiller units takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks, with an installation time of three weeks.
   "The lead time to get this type of equipment in and get it on line is pretty long," said Lyons. He said the company did not anticipate additional expenditures for fire or building code compliance with the new chillers.
   Lyons also said the noise associated with the chillers' activation would no longer be heard inside the high school building.
   "We will be relocating the majority of that outside and will not hear that noise inside the school anymore," he said.
   The board also unanimously approved a $19,000 expenditure to install new fire doors and windows at Harold McCormick Elementary. Funding for both projects will come from the system's reserve fund.
   The board also announced the results of the director of schools evaluation survey. Director Dr. Judy Blevins scored a 9.536 out of a maximum score of 10 on the annual evaluation conducted by Board members to rate the director's performance.