Mishap injures two in 776

By Megan R. Harrell
Star Staff

Two specialists with the 776th Army National Guard Maintenance Company have unexpectedly been detained in Elizabethton. The men were part of the convoy of servicemen and women who left town last Thursday morning but returned home after a mishap en route to Ft. Campbell, Ky.
   The men were traveling south on Interstate 81 when one of the tires on their five-ton, Army issued truck gave out, according to Specialist Dugger, who was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident. Dugger stated that the convoy had just gotten under way, and that it was close to 10 a.m. Thursday when the single vehicle accident occurred. The truck was near highway mile marker 40.
   "Basically what happened was the right, front tire blew out, and the truck veered off the shoulder of the road which caused the truck to leave the road way altogether," Dugger said.
   Dugger said he and his passenger were alone in the truck when it left the road. Each of the reserve unit specialists sustained minor cuts and abrasions to their heads. The men were transported to the Johnson City Medical Center immediately following the accident for treatment.
   The tire was replaced on the truck and was checked for other maintenance problems before it continued on to Ft. Campbell. Dugger stated that the only maintenance problem found on the vehicle was the blown out tire.
   The two specialists are currently staying at their respective homes in Elizabethton where they are awaiting final notification of when they will rejoin the rest of their Maintenance Company in Ft. Campbell. Dugger stated that the only information he has about his departure is that it will take place sometime this week.
   The official military report on the accident has not yet been completed.
   The last week of January, the Tennessee Department of Military announced its mobilization of the 776th Maintenance Company based in Elizabethton. The Company could be activated for as long as one year.