Planning Commission delays final  approval of Burleson subdivision

By Megan R. Harrell
Star Staff

   The Carter County Planning Commission voted to delay the final approval of the Bob Burleson Property Subdivision. The decision was made Tuesday after owner Bob Burleson was not able to provide a performance bond for the paving of an access road.
   The subdivision is located off of McCloud Road and consists of 10 lots on 10.43 acres of land. Burleson, who has had difficulty finding a company to write a performance bond, provided the commission with a letter of intent.
   The commission decided that the letter of intent was not binding and therefore could not be substituted for the required performance bond. "There is no question that you can get a subdivision approved if you put up a performance bond," said County Attorney George Dugger. Burleson hopes to appear before the Planning Commission in 30 days with the required letter of intent.
   Burleson plans on turning the road over to the county after its completion. Road Superintendent Jack Perkins will have to inspect the roads and refer them to the County Commission before they can be adopted as Carter County roads.
   Another subdivision received approval from the Planning Commission to proceed with development. Todd Grayson, owner of the Bear Ridge Estates, received approval for the Phase II design of his subdivision. The subdivision is located off Piercetown Road and consists of seven lots on 9.90 acres of land.
   In other business, Roger Smith, Jim Elliott Road, appeared before the commission to voice his concern about the violation of zoning ordinances in his area. The Planning Commission's Enforcement Committee is planning to visit the area Monday morning.