Cody on the Elizabethton Animal Shelter: 'Nice place to visit but wouldn't want to live there'

By Bob Robinson

Star Staff

   Cody, the "white dog" found on the playground of Harold McCormick Elementary School last Thursday, is back home, safe and sound.
   His owner, Loretta Elliott, who lives 10 blocks away from the school, said Cody broke his leash on Wednesday.
   "Cody ended up at Harold McCormick, apparently confused and unsure which way to go to get back home. He would often lay down, just to get your attention. That may be why some people thought he was sick," Ms. Elliott said.
   Elizabethton Police Officer Jason Shaw responded to the "sick dog found on the playground" call last Thursday when the City Animal Control Officer and Animal Rescue were unavailable.
   Officer Shaw put Cody into the back seat of his patrol car and drove him to the Elizabethton Animal Shelter, located at 253 Sycamore Shoals Road.
   Upon arrival at the shelter, Cody was checked out and found to be in good shape, physically.
   A picture of Cody being loaded into the squad car appeared in Friday's edition of the Elizabethton Star. Another picture of Cody appeared in Sunday's edition after an anonymous citizen agreed to pay the impoundment fee to allow the dog to return home after the apparent owner indicated they were unable to pay the fee.
   "I had been frantically looking for Cody since Wednesday. At 5:30 a.m. Sunday, I received a telephone call from my sister, who said Cody was at the Elizabethton Animal Shelter."
   Freddie Turner, City of Elizabethton Animal Control Officer and shelter manager, said two different individuals showed up at the shelter claiming to own the white dog.
   Turner refused to give the dog up until proof of ownership could be shown. Ms. Elliott, who works at Cingular Wireless, took a copy of Cody's medical record from Robinson Animal Hospital, Johnson City, and photos of Cody to the shelter.
   "I didn't mind paying the $48 impoundment fee. I was just happy to get Cody back before he was put to sleep," Ms. Elliott said.
   Cody, an eight-month-old part Siberian Husky and part retriever, is the lone known survivor of the litter. His mother died one week after Cody's litter mates were stolen, according to Ms. Elliott.
   Dogs waiting to be adopted sleep on an unheated concrete floor at the animal shelter. The shelter welcomes donations of blankets and towels to be used as bedding.
   However, a washer and dryer is what the shelter needs now. "When the blankets get soiled, they must be thrown away because there's no place for them to be washed," Turner said.
   If anyone is interested in making a tax-deductible donation of a washer and dryer in Cody's name, they should contact Turner at the animal shelter, telephone 423-547-6359.