Roan Mountain Water Department receives final T.E.M.A payment

By Megan R. Harrell
Star Staff

   The Roan Mountain Water Department has received its final installment from the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (T.E.M.A) for the costs it incurred as a result of the blizzard and flood of 1998. The final check, in the amount of $27,586, was paid to the Water Department last week.
   The final installment brings the total amount that the Roan Mountain Water Department received in federal and state reimbursements to $416,490. The money is a portion of the relief money that resulted from the President's Disaster Declaration of the Roan Mountain area four years ago.
   The Roan Mountain Water Department has been receiving installments since September of 1998 when it received an initial check for $75,489. Checks varying in amounts have been payable directly to the Water Department over the four years.
   The Roan Mountain Water Department is the first of the utilities receiving state reimbursements to get a final payment from T.E.M.A. The Department was not aware of the exact amount of funding it would receive until a few weeks ago. The Water Department is the first phase of the flood recovery effort in the area to be completed.
   The Electric System is another utility that is being reimbursed for costs it suffered. The System has received $338,000 to date from T.E.M.A. "All our utilities received beaucoup amounts of money from the state because of the flood," said Jim Burrough, Elizabethton/Carter County Emergency Management Director. Burrough stated that the Emergency Management Agency still has HazMat mitigation that it is continuing to work through.
   The Roan Mountain Water Department has used the state funds to purchase new equipment and to cover old costs. It has purchased a new pump station with the money it received from T.E.M.A that cost approximately $300,000.
   "Most of the grant money has already been spent on reimbursing us for the cost of the flood," said C.W. McMahan, Manager at the Roan Mountain Water Department. "It has freed up some money so that we can do other things." McMahan stated that the Department would probably not do anything with the last installment until later in the spring.