Milligan College to recognize 'Leaders in Christian Service'

Local individuals who are making a difference in their workplace through their Christian example are being recognized this spring through Milligan College's "Leaders in Christian Service" program.
   Who are Leaders in Christian Service? Perhaps your attorney shares your commitment to integrity or your doctor recognizes the healing power of prayer. Maybe your accountant supports your commitment to biblical stewardship or a teacher or coach touched your life through their Christian leadership and service.
   These are Christian leaders. They are all around us in the Tri-Cities -- Christians making a difference in their everyday lives, vocations and relationships. Milligan College recognizes the importance of these leaders and invites local individuals and organizations to join with them to honor these leaders.
   "Christian leaders integrate faith with action," said Milligan President Don Jeanes. "Not only are they active in their church and community, but they are strong Christian examples in their workplace. Regardless of their vocation, they are excellent examples of living a life modeled after the life of Christ."
   Nominations for "Leaders in Christian Service" are being accepted through March 1. Criteria for selection include excellence of Christian character, evidence of Christian leadership in the church and community, and strong Christian example through professional, vocational or volunteer leadership.
   Local residents are encouraged to identify people in nine main categories who are making a difference in the Tri-Cities, TN/VA region through their Christian leadership and service: Science and Healthcare; Media, Communications and Arts; Business and Industry; Education; Public Service; Ministry and Missions; Law and Government; Volunteerism; and Youth.
   Recipients will be recognized on April 16 at a special community service in Seeger Chapel. Recipients and their nominators will be the guests of President Jeanes at a special luncheon reception.
   "Milligan's mission is to prepare Christian leaders for service in various vocations, and we feel that this is an opportunity to recognize local leaders who provide outstanding examples of just that -- Christian leadership in the workplace and community," said Jeanes.
   Nomination forms are available on the college's Web site at, by calling 800-447-5922, or by writing Leaders in Christian Service, P.O. Box 101, Milligan College, TN 37682.