House project memorable for Brumitt

By Greg Miller


   Valerie Redd, along with her daughter, Valnessha, and her son, Vince, moved into a new home at 107 Church Street before Thanksgiving. Watauga Association of Baptists' Hale Community Ministries helped make the house a reality.
   A couple of things stick out in the mind of Becky Brummit, director of Hale Community Ministries, about the project. One involved the construction of the house, while the other involved the dedication of the house to God during Sunday's open house.
   Brumitt said, "We were getting so many questions about who was building the house that we had a yard sign printed up that said, 'I am building this house...God.' This was a sign similar to the billboards you see on the highway.
   "Of everything that was ever up here, the equipment, the building supplies, things like tools that were left here, that sign was the only thing that was ever stolen. It was like someone did not want God to get the glory for this and they thought that they could take the sign and steal His glory. If it did anything, it magnified His glory."
   The incident was not reported to the police department, Brumitt said. "We said, 'We have to recognize that just as God is working, the devil is out there working, too. The house was built, nothing else was ever taken from this construction site, and God's glory was magnified. We thought this was a funny, ironic story of something that happened. We never did put the sign back because we realized that we didn't need to, that people were going to know about it anyway."
   Phillippi's pastor, the Rev. Timothy Watterson, impressed Brumitt with his prayers dedicating the house to God during Sunday's open house. Watterson "stood at the front door, opened the door, asked the Lord in, asked Him to bless this family," Brummit said. "Then they went into the kitchen to the back door, opened the door, and prayed the devil out.
   "I had never seen this done before. I thought, 'That is so awesome, that they welcomed the Lord in the front door and they kicked the devil out the back door.' That is a house blessing!"