School Board members receive schooling at Law Workshop

By Bob Robinson

Star Staff

   Dr. Robert Sams and Bob Berry told fellow members of the Elizabethton School Board last night that the School Law Workshop they recently attended was very informative.
   "I was amazed to learn how liberal some boards, schools and athletics are when it comes to school prayer," Dr. Sams said.
   "I prefer to obey the law and to err on the side of conservatism," he added.
   Dr. Sams also said workshop attendees learned the Federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals was inconsistent when rendering decisions.
   Berry said it was "mindboggling" what he learned that some state lawmakers were doing in Nashville. "I realized I need to pay more attention to legislators, to get involved and to speak up."
   In other action, the board:
   * Approved general purpose, federal projects and CNP financial statements for December 31, 2001;
   * Amended the third quarter budget for the current fiscal year to reflect a $30,746 increase in special education grants;
   * Approved the purchase of 15 Dell OptiPlex GX150 computers from Dell Computer Corporation, at a cost of $19,215 off the State Contract, with the PTO donating an additional $8,000 toward the purchase price, for T.A. Dugger Junior High School;
   * Approved on first reading board policy concerning graduation requirements of students absent when Gateway and End-of-Course Exams are given;
   * Approved field trip requests for Debbie Gouge to Nashville, Perry Elliott to Knoxville, Buddy Farmer to Asheville and Donna Townsend to Knoxville;
   * Received a report from Dr. Judy Blevins, director of schools, on:
   New hires -- Judy Caldwell, TAD custodian; Lora Humphreys, Extended School Program part-time child care worker; Anna Hurley, EHS interim teacher; Whitney Odom, East Side interim teacher; and Cynthia Grindstaff, East Side interim teacher;
   Leave of absence -- Kathy Parlier, Harold McCormick cafeteria manager; Jane Radford, East Side cook; and Barbara Simerly, central office custodian;
   Substitute teachers -- Kimberly Pless, Tonia Anne Carrier and Stephanie Brace; and,
   * Approved new part-time custodian position at Harold McCormick Elementary School.
   The next scheduled board meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 21, in the Mack Pierce Board Room, 804 S. Watauga Ave., Elizabethton.