Legislation introduced to help seniors with prescription costs

Staff Reports

Seniors who qualify will get help securing free or discounted prescriptions under legislation proposed last week by Senators Jerry Cooper (D-McMinnville) and Jeff Miller (R-Cleveland).
   "The bi-partisan legislation will require the Commission on Aging to help seniors through the maze of policies and regulations that keep some of them from being able to access their prescription medicines," Sen. Miller said.
   Under the legislation, the Commission on Aging would initiate an outreach program to assist Tennesseans over the age of 60 in obtaining prescription drugs through patient assistance programs offered by manufacturers. The commission would promote the availability of programs, provide information regarding programs, and help seniors complete the forms required to participate.
   "Most pharmaceutical manufacturers have a program to make prescription drugs available to those that cannot afford them," Sen. Cooper said. "In some instances the process is burdensome. Senate Bill 2990 is directed to simplify the process for seniors to get the drugs that they need."
   The bill is expected to work through respective Senate committees over the next few weeks.