Legislation would prohibit discrimination against veterans

From Staff Reports

NASHVILLE -- Legislation to prohibit employers from discriminating against veterans is scheduled for a vote in the state Senate on Monday night.
   Sen. Rusty Crowe, the bill's sponsor, said the legislation prohibits employers from offsetting the amount of aid an employee receives through veterans' education benefits against the amount of aid an employee receives through an employer education assistance program.
   The law would not apply to any employer who employs fewer than 100 full-time employees on a permanent basis at one job site or location.
   "Now is the time for us to come to the aid of our country's defenders and to end discrimination against military veterans," Sen. Crowe said.
   Another bill sponsored by Sen. Crowe, which seeks to clarify educational benefits available to veterans and their dependents, is also scheduled to be voted on in the Senate on Monday night.