Marines arrive safely

From Staff Reports

   Marines of Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment based in Gray arrived safely at Camp Pendleton, Calif., according to information released by the United States Marine Corps Reserves early Thursday morning.
   "The company immediately commenced training for their upcoming deployment to Iraq," USMC Maj. Pete Gill states in a press release.
   The approximately 180 members of Company L were put on alert Nov. 8, 2003 and were mobilized on Dec. 24. The Company was activated on Jan. 5 in preparation to deploy to aid military efforts in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
   Members of the company said a tearful goodbye to family members around midnight on Tuesday and boarded buses bound for Nashville, where they then took a chartered flight to Camp Pendleton.
   The time the company spends at Camp Pendleton before deploying overseas will be used to make sure the Marines are prepared physically and mentally to enter combat and to guarantee that any dependents they leave behind are fully aware of the benefits available to them as dependents of active military personnel.
   According to Gill, the company's activation orders are for a period of 12 months but could be extended for an additional 12 months if the Marine Corps feels it is necessary. "We will help the nation in any opportunity," Gill said on Jan. 5 as he announced the Company's activation to local media.
   The last time that Lima Company was called to active duty was during Operation Desert Storm.