District attorney announces conviction of two men for felony firearms violations

From Staff Reports
First District Attorney General Joe Crumley on Monday announced in a released statement the conviction of two men -- one arrested in Unicoi and another in Johnson City -- involved in felony firearms violations and other charges. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms participated in both prosecutions.
Anthony Joseph Carson, age and address not reported in the statement, was convicted of being a felon with a firearm and escape. He was sentenced to 161 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release. The Johnson City Police Department, with the ATF and the U.S. Marshal Service, conducted the investigation.
Jimmy Lynn Miller, age and address also not reported, was convicted with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of a firearm during a drug transaction, and being a convicted felon with a firearm. He was sentenced to 93 months in prison followed by four years of supervised release. The Unicoi County Sheriff's Department and the ATF handled the case.
"I'm very pleased with the outcome of these cases," Crumley said. "We have a close working relationship with the United States Attorney's office and that gives us the ability to choose the forum where the penalties best fit the crimes. Gun violence is a real problem in our society and we must take strong measures to combat this type of crime. As citizens of this country, we have a right to own guns, but with that right comes responsibility. When someone violates the law, by working together with the federal government, we can best protect society and our rights."