Man arrested attempting to grab officer's gun following chase

By Abby Morris
Star Staff
A Johnson City man was arrested in the early morning hours on Monday following a police pursuit and a fight with officers.
Isaac P. Pinkson, 21, 117 Jingles Lane, Johnson City, was arrested by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Jeff Winters and charged with evading arrest, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and aggravated assault.
According to reports, Winters had been dispatched to the parking lot of Valley Forge Elementary School on a report of a suspicious vehicle parked there.
When the officer pulled in behind the vehicle and turned on his emergency lights, the vehicle fled the scene, according to reports. "Deputy Kenny Cornett then pulled across the roadway leaving an avenue of escape and the vehicle went toward Deputy Cornett's police cruiser but turned at the last minute and almost hit the cruiser," Winters said in his report. "We then followed the vehicle south on Highway 19E when the vehicle made a U-turn and then turned onto Avon Street."
Cornett then drove to Coal Shute Road to block the vehicle while Winters continued the pursuit.
The suspicious vehicle, which was driven by a male later identified as Pinkson, turned onto Coal Shute Road before Cornett's cruiser could block it. The vehicle continued and turned into the driveway of a residence located at 191 Coal Shute Rd., where Pinkson exited the vehicle and ran inside the residence.
Winters followed Pinkson into the residence, followed by Cornett. The two officers located Pinkson in a bedroom at the rear of the residence. "When I told him he was under arrest he jumped up in a defensive motion so Deputy Cornett blocked the doorway and had to tackle Mr. Pinkson," Winters said in his report. "We tried to physically restrain him but he kept fighting officers after several verbal warnings to stop resisting."
Finally officers used a chemical agent on Pinkson in an attempt to get him to stop resisting, but it had no affect on him, according to reports.
"During the altercation Deputy Cornett's pistol fell out of his holster and Mr. Pinkson went for the weapon and had his finger on the trigger when I grabbed his hand and knocked it away," Winters said.
Cornett then called for back up, and after the arrival of CCSD Lt. Bob Hooks, Sgt. Tim Lowe and Deputy Bradley Johnson, the five officers were able to restrain Pinkson and take him into custody.
Pinkson is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Jan. 27.