Ramsey becomes EPD's newest sergeant

By Nikole B. Dugger

STAR Intern

   The Elizabethton Police Department has a full complement of eight sergeants again. Patrolman John W. Ramsey has been selected as the department's newest sergeant from a field of applicants.
   A five-year veteran of the department, Ramsey was one of nine officers who applied to fill the sergeant's position, which became vacant this fall.
   "The world of law enforcement is dynamic," said Ramsey. "It is the responsibility of the officers to stay current with any changes in order to provide for the community."
   The testing process was divided into four phases. A detailed written exam, which had been formulated by a national company, was administered to the applicants. An oral assessment interview board, consisting of three senior officers from other departments, quizzed the candidates by using hypothetical scenarios among other testing procedures.
   Each applicant was subject to an intensive interview with Police Chief Roger Deal. The testing process concluded with an evaluation review.
   Ramsey garnered the highest overall score to earn his stripes as the department's newest sergeant.
   Applying to the sergeant's positions was the next logical step on the vocational ladder for Ramsey. The Carter County native holds bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice and Criminology as well as Computer Science from East Tennessee State University.
   A U.S. Army veteran, Ramsey's law enforcement experience includes duties as a police photographer and an accident reconstructionist with the department's motor vehicle patrol division.
   Ramsey is currently assigned to the patrol division. He is also active in the design and maintenance of the department's Web site.
   Though his daily tasks have not drastically changed, Ramsey must now act as a liaison between the department's work force and its management. He said he found personal satisfaction in the department's entrusting him with the increased responsibility that comes along with his new role.
   He also said the process of being awarded a promotion has re-energized with the passion to continue to be an effective member of law enforcement.