EHDA votes to continue support of resident initiatives

By Bob Robinson
Star Staff

   The Elizabethton Housing and Development Agency (EHDA) Board of Commissioners voted to continue to support program initiatives for EHDA residents at its regular meeting last night.
   Commissioners adopted a resolution supporting education, training, job placement, youth mentoring and on-site health facilities, screening programs and Resident Advisory Board for EHDA residents.
   Among other initiatives, EHDA credits $45 to resident accounts if they pass the G.E.D. high school diploma equivalency test.
   Commissioners also adopted a resolution to write off and dispose of equipment, totaling $16,017, according to Housing and Urban Development guidelines; and,
   Kelly Geagley, EHDA executive director, in his monthly report to Commissioners indicated there were 34 lease terminations for criminal activity, compared to 20 in the year 2000, and 25 in 1999.
   There are 128 applicants on the waiting list for EHDA occupancy.
   Geagley also applauded the EHDA maintenance department for their "outstanding" work on repairs, move-ins, move-outs and work orders.
   Maintenance personnel completed 182 work orders between Dec. 13 and Jan. 16 and repaired a broken water line underneath a concrete floor on New Year's Eve. Jim McKinney is the EHDA maintenance supervisor.
   EHDA staff met with Robert Reedy, architect, and a structural engineer concerning porch settlement at one housing unit. They also met with an electrical engineer concerning the heating and air conditioning system at the EHDA administrative office.
   Two of EHDA's six-month Certificates of Deposit were renewed on Dec. 13, 2001 at 2.625 percent and Jan. 15, 2002 at 2.63 percent.
   Kelly's Kids Clean Team, which picks up litter and trash in the neighborhood, continues to meet on Wednesday afternoon; and,
   On the first Wednesday of each month, Geagley has coffee and doughnuts for EHDA residents to discuss any EHDA matter they desire.
   In other EHDA news:
   * Sidewalk replacement, which began Nov. 5 at the EHDA complex on Arney Hill, is nearly half completed;
   * HUD has approved the environmental assessment of another project to provide additional parking, upgrade electrical systems and porch replacement;
   * Carter County-Elizabethton Public Library is offering a Mother Read-Father Read program aimed at improving adult reading skills;
   * ETSU Community Partnership, 920B Pine Ridge Circle, offers Smart Choice and Families Service Counselor. A Youth Program will begin later; and,
   * Heavenly Hills Big A Club meets from 4-5 p.m. Mondays at Hales Community Ministries Building, for ages kindergarten through first grade.
   Members of the EHDA Board of Commissioners are Fornia Peters, chairman, Jim Jones, vice chairman, Paul Bellamy, Margaret Corcoran and George Trent. Chairman Peters was unable to attend last night's meeting.