Homeland Security comes to Tennessee


Gov. Don Sundquist announced yesterday that Tennessee will receive nearly $3 million in federal money for protection against terrorism at both state and local levels. Every county in Tennessee will receive at least $10,000 in grant money over the next two years.
   The U.S. Department of Justice's office of Domestic Preparedness approved the three-year strategic plan that commits $2.9 million during the plan's second and third fiscal years.
   "I want to thank Washington for recognizing that we need more resources for emergency response," Sundquist said. "The number one priority of government is to keep its citizens safe. Homeland security is a top priority of this administration, and I am proud to send these crucial funds to our hard-working emergency crews statewide."
   The funding during the plan's first year totals almost $900,000 in grants and has been allocated to 10 Tennessee counties with populations over 100,000.
   The money will allow state and local agencies to purchase much-needed response equipment. "The success of our war on terrorism depends on team work, federal, state and local," Tennessee Homeland Security Director Wendell Gilbert said. "I am pleased that this funding will be provided at the local level. I commend Director John White and his outstanding personnel at TEMA for their hard work in facilitating this grant."