Region's only long-term acute care hospital in Bristol

By Megan R. Harrell


   The new Select Specialty Hospital located inside the Bristol Regional Medical Center offers long-term, acute health care to local patients with intensive health needs. The 24-bed unit is the only one of its kind in the area. Patients would have to go as far as Knoxville for similar health care facilities.
   The company is headquartered out of Mechanicsburg, Pa. The Select Specialty Hospital in Bristol is Medicare certified and JCHO accredited. Its only connection with the Bristol Medical Center is through the space that is contracted.
   Select Specialty Hospitals offer help to patients who run into insurance complications with their health care at short-term health care hospitals. Many times the amount of patient care needed extends beyond the patient's insurance benefits, and they are not able to receive the health care needed for them to fully recover.
   "At a long-term health care hospital we are able to keep patients longer because we negotiate costs with Medicare, based on a case by case basis in order to make sure patients get the care they need," Shane Gilland, Marketing Coordinator, said.
   Patients can receive speech, occupational, and physical therapy services along with a number of specialty programs. Pulmonary, acute cardiac, neurological, spinal cord, brain injury, and wound management are some of the programs offered.
   The hospital boasts of an 80 percent wing rate. The wing rate is the amount of patients who are successfully taken off of ventilators. "The majority of our patients go home after their stay here. They do not return to the hospital or go into nursing homes," Gilland said.
   The hospital is staffed with over 115 physicians and its nursing staff is saturated with ACLS certified nurses.