Carter County remains in Third Senatorial District

By Bob Robinson
Star Staff

   State Sen. Rusty Crowe said yesterday he was pleased that Carter and Washington Counties remain in the Third Senatorial District following legislative redistricting.
   Every 10 years, the state constitution requires redistricting based on census results.
   "At the last census 10 years ago, I represented Washington, and Hawkins Counties. For the past 10 years, we have had one of the largest senatorial districts, by population, in the State of Tennessee.
   "Although I regret losing Johnson County from the Third Senatorial District, the district has now gone from one of the largest to one of normal district size," Sen. Crowe said.
   Sen. Crowe said he was proud to represent Carter County, especially because of his father's roots in the Horseshoe Area of Stoney Creek, and Washington County, since his mother is from Jonesborough.
   "With State Rep. Ralph Cole being able to keep Carter County intact as one district, it will allow the two of us to concentrate efforts for the benefit of citizens of Carter County," said Sen. Crowe, chairman of the Joint Select Legislative Committee on Veterans Affairs.