Carter County to remain single district

From Staff Reports

   The Tennessee House of Representatives and Senate on Thursday passed a redistricting bill. Passage of the bill means Carter County remains a single district, according to State Rep. Ralph Cole.
   "This is what the people of Carter County had requested," Cole said. "Working in a bipartisan way, the General Assembly approved what I had requested.
   "In 1989, when I first ran for the Legislature, Carter County was divided into two districts. All during the campaign, the citizens told me that they felt that based on the population Carter County was qualified to be one district. After being elected, I immediately began working toward that goal, and the one district was approved in the redistricting 10 years ago."
   Carter County had been two districts "for as long as I could remember. It had never been one district before."
   A legislator, Cole said, "can be more effective in getting projects for his people if he only has to go to the governor and commissioners for only one county. That's a big, big thing."
   Based on the census, redistricting is required every 10 years by the Constitution. Cole noted that according to the latest census, 56,700 people reside in Carter County. "I try to represent all of them fairly and equally," Cole remarked.