County Election Commission to finish district boundary lines

By Megan R. Harrell

   The weather abbreviated the Carter County Election Commission's monthly meeting yesterday morning. Members met briefly to discuss the writing of new district boundary lines due.
   The 1st through the 5th districts were completed and Tracy Harris, Administrator of Elections, hopes to have all districts completed by the end of the week.
   Harris will begin writing the precinct boundary lines as soon as the district boundaries are completed. It takes about half a day to write each district.
   The new boundaries come as a result of the reapportionment plan that was passed by the Reapportionment Committee the beginning of last month. The plan called for eight districts with 24 commissioners, 16 constables, and eight school board members.
   The plan relocated 230 people from the 4th district, and 300 people from the 7th district to the 8th.
   The new reapportionment plan came about after a great deal of contention among constables, commissioners and school board members. The new plan being worked on by the Election Committee met with little opposition from all parties involved before it was passed.