Salvaging the positive

By Victoria Smith, junior
Happy Valley High School

   Sept. 11, 2001 shook our world on its foundation. With the first unforgettable anniversary rapidly approaching, we often juxtapose life before and after that fateful day. Even with our lives filled with adversity and turmoil, we were lucky to salvage some positive outcomes from such a horrific tragedy. One of these outcomes was a renewed faith in our country and in our government.
   In the year preceding Sept. 11, Americans were lingering in the controversy of a highly contested presidential election. The debatable result left us to question and doubt our newly appointed leader. It also left our nation divided in a way not seen since the Civil War. We were in a volatile position, and anarchy was on the verge of taking control.
   On Sept. 11, however, selfish, partisan ideology was left in the ashes of the crumbled towers. Americans realized that in order to prevail we must unite. Instead of objecting to the decisions of President Bush, we gave him the authority he deserved, and we rallied behind him. Our rationalization to push past our political differences restored our strength as a nation.
   Our patriotism was also brought to an all time high. Our flags are still proudly waving from our homes. Instead of wearing T-shirts graffitied with hate, our ensembles now convey messages such as "God Bless America." Young men and women are joining the armed forces without hesitation to defend our freedom. We have truly been submerged in American pride. When the terrorists cowardly demolished our buildings and killed our people, they thought that they would in turn destroy our country and our resolve. Instead, they powered an irresistible revolution of national pride. Sept. 11 proved that the American spirit could not be broken. As long as we believe in our country and her leaders, we will triumph in times of despair.