From the desk of the Publisher:

A year has passed since the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001 shook our nation, our community and our world. During this year, America has shown her true colors of strength, generosity and solidarity. As we recognize the anniversary of this sad day, we will honor those who lost their lives and support those whose lives were forever changed by the loss of a loved one.
   Let's also recognize the kindness and heroism displayed by everyone who did what they could to help in a time of need. Because of this, the STAR is proud to publish a special edition of our newspaper as a tribute to our local heroes. This special section does not contain any advertising and our entire staff is proud to bring this to you, our loyal readers.
   I encourage each one of us to show our colors today by wearing red, white and blue. My hope is that God will bless us and somehow this will bring you peace and comfort in a difficult time.